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Dental IPR Kit

The IPR kit is specially designed for the IPR (Interproximal Enamel), a set of safe and precise dental tools, including a 4:1 decrease speed contra-angle handle, measure rule kit, metal strip, and manual handle. The above dental equipment is necessity in the section of the pre-polished section, refine, profiling, interproximal enamel reduction, and proximal teeth opening. Combining with the dental burs, the 4:1 decrease speed contra-angle handle is the 4:1 contra angle handpiece. In addition to the IPR kit, Jerry, a professional dental equipment manufacturer, could provide you with a variety of dental equipment.

This complete kit include unique precise diamond burs ranging from 0.3 – 0.65 mm that allow you to achieve the desired tooth slenderization and contouring as quickly and as accurately as humanly possible.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Interproximal reduction is the practice of mechanically removing enamel from between the teeth to achieve orthodontic ends, such as to correct crowding, or reshape the contact area between neighboring teeth. After reducing the enamel, the procedure should also involve anatomic re-contouring and the protection of interproximal enamel surfaces.

The interproximal reduction of dental enamel, also known as IPR, is therefore an indispensable part of any orthodontic treatment. Anyone who has ever removed dental enamel the traditional way knows what a hard job it can be. Manual IPR can take hours, exhausting both the dentist and the patient.

We’ve found that by selective use of IPR, along with other techniques such as broadening of the smile or bringing the teeth forward to improve lip-support when appropriate, at Jerry we’re able to reduce the need to pull teeth. Not only that, extracting teeth can make for an uncomfortable and anxious visit for some patients.

IPR typically removes just 5% of the enamel between teeth, and it is believed you could even remove more than 50% and your teeth would still be healthy and strong ( source ).

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