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Every dentist and dental hygienist in the industry relies on high-quality, dependable tools, such as the Jerry electric dental handpiece and more. Jerry Dental is committed to supplying the best tools as a leading supplier for dental parts manufacturers. You need your dental office to operate as smoothly as possible so your patients can have the best experience during their appointments. The right parts and tools will ensure your office is always reputed for its excellent care and attention. So put your trust in us, and we’ll be glad to get you everything you need!

Not only do we supply everything you need, but you can also purchase it at a wholesale price! We’ll help guide you through our catalog to ensure you get the exact components, parts, or full handpieces you need; we’re proud to be the supplier for offices and clinics throughout the nation with only the best products in our inventory. If replacing tools and parts isn’t on your schedule, we also have products for high-speed handpiece repair—partner with us today to find out why so many dental offices turn to us for state-of-the-art equipment.

Contact us when you need a dental equipment supplier and products. We’ll be glad to help deliver exactly what you need and get your order in on time!

Dental Carbide Burs Supplies

The dental carbide burs are the perfect dental tool for cutting work such as preparing cavities, cutting through metal fillings, and shaping bone during dental implant surgery. 

Jerry Dental Supplies understand the need for high quality carbide bur and carbide rotary files.Quality Titanium Nitride coated carbide burs made in the China.

Dental Operating Lamp at Best Price in China

Dental Operating Lights or dental operatory lights are a standard fixture in every dental practice since it is the precondition of dental surgery.

Jerry Dental specializing in the production and sales of operating lamp,led operating light.Buy Dental Operating Lamp in China. Jerry Dental is one of the leading online store for buying Dental Operating Lamp at very discount prices.

Dental Chair Control System

The dental chair PCB is the core of the dental chair control system. The dental chair PCB determines how the dental chair works and what functions the dental chair can offer. 

Find Dental Chair Control System suppliers in China. Dental Chair Control System The dental chair PCB is the core of the dental chair control system. 

The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Jerry Dental is your top source for good quality handpiece repair parts. We carry dental bearing kits, rotors and spindles, o-rings, and more. If you have questions, feel free to contact our specialists, who are experts in dental handpiece repair.

Dental handpiece is primarily used when polishing or applying the finishing touches to a dental operation. Due to the technological advancements in science and medicine, dental handpieces also evolved its design and features throughout the years.

Two types of handpieces have evolved throughout the years and have become considerably more sophisticated and efficient in its current modern iteration. Throughout the years, since the inception of traditional dental handpieces, this instrument has undergone various redesigns, tweaks, and improvements.

Jerry Dental is your top source for quality handpiece repair parts. We carry dental prodcuts including Turbines, Rotors, Bearing kits, Spindles, Cartridges, O-rings, and many more dental equipment! We are owned and operated buisness with over 13 years experience in the dental industry, our specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our mission is to provide quality Handpiece parts everywhere around the globe with the best shopping experience possible for the customer!

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