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Dental Chair PCB Two-In-One

Dental Chair PCB Two-In-One

Dental Chair PCB Two-In-One

Are you still worrying the follwing problems of dental unit?
1. Can’t pass EMC test?

2. Always problems caused by unstable voltage?

3. Low stability and durability?

Dental Chair PCB USB13 Pro Details

USA microchip HF relay world leader brand relay Japan rubycon capacitor Japan SHARP brand optocoupler
Connector can stand 260 degree high temprature USB interface, convenient and safe to connect OMRON key press buttons USB connecting cables can pass the EMC test
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Jerry Dental offers high-quality Dental Chair Control System at competitive price.

Dental Chair Control System(Dental Chair Control PCB) is the core of the dental chair control system. The dental chair PCB determines how the dental chair works and what functions the dental chair can offer. In Jerry, the system we offer has advanced dental chair PCB.

Manufacturer of all types of dental chair control pcb and allied circuit boards, transformers, valves, sensor bottle for motorized suction with lowest priced.

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