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CNC Carbide Burs

CNC Carbide Burs

CNC Carbide Burs

Jerry Dental Carbide burr, also called metal burr or carbide burr tool, is manufactured for different field uses. Jerry Dental is a professional carbide burr manufacturer in China for more than 11 years.

Carbide grinding burrs are widely used to cut different burr materials. You can use Jerry Dental carbide burr to fluently remove the hard metal, cast iron, steel.

They also have the best performance when applying our carbide burr for aluminum, copper, plastic, wood, zirconia, ceramic, etc. You’ll work easily instead of working hard based on Jerry Dental carbide burr.

We make extremely quality control on every manufacturing process, and check quality toward every piece of best carbide burrs before delivery. Jerry Dental can offer you the most stable carbide burr.

Jerry Dental manufactures your carbide burrs with 6-axis CNC machines. And they are fully brazed by automatic machine. Jerry Dental has been supplying high-quality burrs for tungsten carbide manufacturers in USA. You must have the same performance carbide burrs made in USA because we also used USA carbide burr technology.

Product Name CNC Carbide Head
Material Both the head and handle are carbide
Function Polish
Package 1 piece/box, 3 piece/box for choices

All of your carbide burrs are produced by Jerry Dental 6 Axis CNC machine. The computer-controlled grinding wheels finish your carbide burr flutes precisely. It always delivers exactly the same geometry cut edge for your carbide bur business. Either on hardened steel or non ferrous aluminum, our carbide burr will perform very well.

We will test your every carbide burr quality before the shipping. You will always have active reviews or comments when developing your carbide burr business.

Jerry Dental promises carbide bur free return toward any quality issues complained on your side. You will not have any risks on Jerry Dental quality assurance policy.

Jerry Dental served FORTUNE 500 companies and had many experiences. We can control better quality and improve your carbide burr business rapidly.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Jerry Dental offers high-quality dental carbide burs at competitive price.
Dental Carbide Burs(Dental Carbide Burrs), also called tungsten cutter for dental or laboratory carbide burs.

Our FG carbide burs are manufactured with premium designed tungsten carbide blades and stainless steel shank, provide faster and smoother cutting, and make our products as high-quality as SS White.

Dental burs have revolutionized the dentistry field and are used for cutting hard tissues such as bone or tooth [1,4,6–9]. They are normally made of stainless steel, diamond grit or particles, and tungsten carbide and fitted to a dental drill incorporating an air turbine. The dental bur was developed <300 years ago [8] and still widely used.

Tungsten carbide burs as the name suggests are made from tungsten carbide. A material that is over 3 times more robust than steel. Due to their durability tungsten carbides have become a key part of dental practitioners’ arsenal.

Tungsten carbide is a coating created through a Powder Metallurgy process that mixes powdered tungsten carbide and cobalt and uses a binding material and pressure to bind them together. 

Tungsten carbide burs can be used for a variety of dental procedures due to their cutting ability and low vibration. Common uses for dental carbide burs include preparing cavities, shaping bone, and removal of old dental fillings. Additionally, these burs are preferred when cutting amalgam, dentin, and enamel for their quick cutting ability. 

In general, tungsten carbide burs are useful for the rapid reduction of a surface due to their superior cutting ability and wear-resistant blades. This is especially true for burs with channels that increase their cutting ability and efficiency.

Due to tungsten carbide burs having extremely strong and sharp blades the bur is able to cut away and leave a smoother surface than other burs. This is especially true when compared with the popular diamond bur. Diamond burs have a grind action which leaves a rougher surface that requires finer polishing later on. Additionally, in comparison to other bur materials carbide burs have less chatter or vibration. Carbide burs also have greater longevity than most other bur types due to the hardiness of the material. This allows dentists to save money while not having to worry about switching burs mid-procedure. They are also tougher than their steel counterparts which struggle with brittleness. Strauss offers a highly accurate one-piece FG Tungsten carbide bur utilizing the highest quality raw materials to create a one-piece tungsten carbide that focuses on zero vibration, superior durability, optimal cutting efficiency, and ability to withstand repeated sterilization without rusting. The most concentric bur ever produced-consistent in size resulting in: Efficient cutting Less chatter Superior control Better finish.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision manufacturing produces a top-quality rotary instrument product that exceeds industry standards for quality and precision. Task and material-specific blade configurations produce optimal cutting, efficient finishing, and outstanding durability. 

Sharper blades = more working time. 

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